Hi, it's Osamu.


Thank you for your interest in my music.


I am accepting performance opportunities for events, concerts,

or any project you may come up with.


Nylon string guitar is my main instrument for performance.


My playing style of guitar music is focused on bringing Peace, Relaxation, tranquility,

healing, and love in the space and to listeners, with a passion of my spirit.


I mainly play improvised music with some influence and inspiration of classical,

Contemporary Jazz, Spanish, Latin, and other music.


I also play some popular songs selected from my favorite

such as "What a wonderful world" "Over The Rainbow" "Danny Boy" etc...


Please email me with any questions.


Thank you.



Guitar Solo clip "Danny Boy"



Improvised Guitar Solo with some chimes, crystal bowls.


Baritone Ukulele Solo piece recorded in The Big Island, Hawaii